Rollei 35B

I’m now the happy owner of a Rollei 35B! After purchasing a pentax 67 few months ago, I wanted to have a very small 35mm camera. At first I bought a Olympus 35RC but somehow the aperture ring is loose and needs repair…

The 35B is a 100% manual camera, without rangefinder so you have to guess your focus distance. I was kind of worried about that at first but it end up not being an issue. It’s actually quite pleasing not to have to hold your camera to your eye to be able to set everything on it. There’s also a nice lightmeter on the top of the camera that works with a solenoide so no battery is needed.

So here’s the first roll of film that I’ve done to test it. Quite happy with the result as 100% of the frames are exposed correctly. I was able to produce 39 images on a roll of 36 so not bad either. I barely winded the film in for the first frame so it’s burned on the right side and the last one is my fault as I cut the film too short while pulling it on the reel for processing. Image 38, probably a bubble stuck on the film while processing … damm you steel reel!

This film is a Kodak Tri-X 400 by the way. Processed at home of course 🙂

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